Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Month One End ... Jane Plan

Well its nearly the end of my month on the Jane Plan and all in all I think its been good. I have to be honest that any mistakes are on my side not the diet. I have to say the food was great, there were things that I liked better than some and also ones I LOVED. It would be easy to cover that as the choice is wide and lots to pick from.
If I ever had any issues I knew I could pick up a telephone and chat to a human! I also had a "how are you" call once a week which was great.

Don't get me wrong the diet is tough but it tastes great and for me it is sooooo easy. I am lucky in that I am at home but it would be great if you worked. I also found it easy to make and also make my husband his meals also.
My total for the month was 10 pounds which to be honest is great for me. I am fairly (totally) restricted mobility wise so I can't burn of the calories. I would think this is a good total and I know I would have like more (as we all do) but I am very happy.

I have no negatives really apart from I have to say it is not a cheap option. You do have to remember you are getting all your food and delivered to your door. You do not have to worry about counting or measuring at all.
I am very grateful to Jane Plan for all their help over the last month. I have an operation in the near future but soon as I am ok , I will be back on the plan. Jump over tho the web site and check them out. There is lots of information and recipes on there which is great.

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