Monday, 15 April 2013

OMG I think I am getting old

OMG I think I am getting old. Yes folks I have finally noticed I am getting old lol. Old age seems to be like some creepy moss ,that slowly spreads across your life and before you know it climbs all over you.
I have been married 34yrs this year and I swear I have no idea where it all went. As a young bride of 21 I thought I had years to live and I was going to do so much. I was going to be rich ( yes well still hoping on that one) and own a big house by the time I was 30. Sadly that never happened either.
I was slim and fit and enjoyed all my fitness classes and life with my young husband.

Then time slipped on and my new biggest wish was a baby. I wanted one so bad it hurt. My husband said to wait at first but then he gave in. Ok I thought this will be easy but one month went to two months and two went to a year. I was so unhappy and tests showed there was not a problem with either of us.
Friends who started trying the same time got pregnant but not me, it was totally frustrating and I thought I was never going to be a mother.
Then the miracle happened and along came my first child , a darling little boy who I called Matthew.
I was totally in love the second I saw him and for a while he was all I needed. Then I thought it would be nice for him to have a brother or sister and along came child number two, a girl who I called Natalie.

Both my children were perfect ( I know every mother says's that) but they were! Natalie was the total opposite to her brother , but both were a delight. I loved to be a mother and that has continued today.
Right now they are grown-up and married. Matthew is 32 and married to Karen. Natalie is 25 and married to Rob.
My children have grown into two fab people. I love them both to death and I feel such pride in them both. I speak to Matthew most days and I bet not many mothers of a 32 yr old can say that. Natalie lives close and I speak or see her most days.
They are one joy that has come from getting older and seeing them grow into fine adults.

Life throws me a few curve balls these days. Very bad arthritis and fibromyalgia have stopped much of what I used to do. Never a day passes without pain and my weight has increased due to lack of mobility. I try not to moan about it and I choose to be positive and get on with life in general.
I may not be rich in money but I am rich in love of a 34 year marriage to Kevin and love of my darling children. So I think life has been good to me and even if it is OMG I think I am getting old, I am still smiling.


  1. Consider yourself delighted - by my comment. :-)

    I found your blog on the bloggy moms april blog hop. Don't worry - I'm getting old too.

  2. I'm always delighted by people taking time to comment lol

  3. ha! that first picture is priceless!
    I'm stopping by and following along via the linkin' with my ladies hop. ;)


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