Monday, 29 April 2013

Tiny Tears where are you now?

I was thinking about my topic for today and as always I had my thinking cap on. I was going over things in my mind and also thinking about the past. This I have to add at my age is common lol.
Then I saw a blog prompt and I thought oh yes that's the subject for today.
The prompt was

"Describe an item you were incredibly attached to as a child. What became of it?"

Well this got me thinking. I loved my dolls when I was a child for me they were my babies and they all were special. I was kind to my dolls and rarely mistreated them . I love to make them clothes or better still get my mother to make clothes for them. I would tuck them in at night and never covered their faces, just in case they couldn't breath lol

My most favourite doll was Tiny Tears, she was the in toy of the year and I was over the moon when Santa got her for me. I loved the fact that you could give her a bottle and it would come out the other end lol.
She went everywhere with me and I would spend hours dressing and feeding her.

There came a time when I knew it was time I moved on . By then my niece Emma was around and I knew it was a good home for tiny. It broke my heart to give her away but I hoped that Emma would care for her as I had. So Tiny Tears where are you now?
I never knew if she did or what happened to Tiny but I hope her end was kind.
What was your favourite item and why?

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