Thursday, 2 May 2013

Discovery Goodies

This week I got the chance to celebrate the taste of Mexico  this Cinco de Mayo.
I got a lovely bag of goodies so we could make some yummy food for the Mexican Cinco de Mayo celebration.
When the bag arrived it was great opening and thinking of things to make and enjoy.
We did have plans to wear our Mexican outfits and hang flags and so on but sadly lack of time didn't allow.
However we still wanted to enjoy the lovely food.
My husband is a great cook so I left it to him to make us a great meal.
He started off with two chicken breast which he sliced in the strips and dry fried in a pan.
He then added peppers and onion and fried those as well. Once they were almost cooked he added the spice mix with came with the Discovery pack.
The smell was fab and filled the house and made you so hungry. We found the spices mixed in well and did not leave any lumps at all which was good.
Once they were all cooked we put the wraps in the oven just for a little while and then filled with the yummy chicken mix.
We had this with couscous and my husband thought it was a nice texture to go with all the spices and chicken.
It was really lovely and not too hot. I like a little heat but not so much it burns your mouth. The soured cream was a great add on and if it were too hot  this would be great.
Best part is we still have a jar of sauce which I think we are using later to make a nice curry.
So for one day I got to make believe we are in Mexico so get out to the shops today and buy your Discovery products and create !

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  1. Sounds lovely, will have to give this one a try myself!


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