Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Humour me!

Humour me today please! I am really sorry but I have to big me up lol. If you come to visit me often you will know I have recently got into cake decorating. I have been going to night school since last September and I really think I have learnt a lot. I also enjoy the social part as I have a really uneventful life these days.
So today I thought I would share my journey and you can judge if I am improving . So my first (apart from the ones I made my kids when they were little) was one for my friend Sarah.

She was really pleased with it and I was as I had never done a cake like this before. So staying with the theme I then moved onto.

I think you can see I was really getting better. I started getting bored with this design and at the same time started night school. I was so pleased to learn more about the equipment and all the ways to improve your style.
I really liked to do cupcakes as they were easier to make and decorate.

So I was hooked and I think every time I make another cake I learn a little more. I am no expert but I am having fun. I give as many away as possible as I dare not eat them all lol.
So I will finish with a few other pictures ending with my daughter in laws butterfly cake make this past weekend.


  1. They're great! Particularly like the cupcakes and butterfly cake :)

  2. Amazing!! They look great!

  3. Jill, they are fabulous. Is the Sindy doll all edible?

  4. Hi joy not the doll body but all the rest lol

  5. Beautiful! Love them all! The doll reminds me of birthday parties from when I was a kid. There were a couple of years that the "it" thing was to have a doll cake decorated just like the one you made!
    I found you on Mom's Monday Mingle. Followed you on Twitter!
    My site is I hope you'll stop by!

  6. Thanks very much. I made the first doll cake for my daughter when she was 5 she's 26 now lol


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