Sunday, 5 May 2013

Monday Mingle

Monday Mingle this week is to list your top 10 movies of all time. That's hard to just remember them but here goes.

1. The shining - i love a good creepy movie the more the better. Great story Great cast

2. Dirty Dancing- What a fab love story makes me cry every time

3. Officer and a gentleman- another love story I know I do love to cry

4. Top Gun - Need I say more!!

5. Goonies - classic kids movie

6. Secret Garden- Love this as my daughter who is now 26 was in it age 5

7. Its a wonderful life - love a Christmas movie

8. Poltergeist - yet another fab creepy

9. Glass Bottom boat - Love Doris Day movies

10. Click- a good funny to finish with.

Can't wait to hear your top 10

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