Sunday, 12 May 2013

What do I miss!

What do I miss is my day two of the blog everyday in May challenge. That is a hard one as there are loads of people from my life that I miss.
I miss people who are still alive that you wish you could see at all or more of and wish that time did not slip away without doing just that.
I really miss people who have passed away and with every year that they have gone I still think of them.
My mother who I adored  was a strong, stubborn lady but I loved her with all my heart. She had such an interesting life. As a child I would delight in all the stories she would tell me about her adventures.
Sadly she was taken away too soon from me at the age of 63 of cancer , even though it is 22 years ago I still miss her all the time. I also lost my dad at 74 and although we were not as close he still left a gap in my heart.
I also lost my aunt Mary and Uncle Tom who were around so much for me growing up, I loved to visit them as a child.
My sister in law Pat is also someone I miss. I always wanted a sister and it never was to be so for me she was the sister I never had. We has so many adventures when my niece and nephews were small , I have had days when I didn't stop laughing. I spent most weekends with her and even more time if I could once my two older niece and nephew was born. Up until them I had been the baby and now I was like a big sister. I will never forget how proud I was to be allowed to take my niece Emma out in her pram alone lol.

Last but by no means less I so miss my darling cat Cfer. She was my constant companion for 16 years. She was always there with love and a cuddle. At night she would sleep tight up against  me always really for a hug. Then last year just after Christmas she got sick. We had to let her go and that second in time broke my heart. Never ever under estimate the deep feelings a much loved pet can make. I felt just as upset as I had for any of my human loses.

To end then yes I have had loses and everyone of them has left and took a little bit of me with them. Saying that I fee so lucky to have had them all for some time at all, and for the love they gave.

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