Monday, 10 June 2013

Church Weekend

This weekend was a fairly busy one for me. I only started attending my local church about 2 years ago. I really enjoy the peace of the church and the friendship of the people that go. Our church is very old and some parts are 11th century so its really hard to look after at times. Is very beautiful inside and I think some lovely stain glass windows.

On Saturday we had a fund raiser to try and help with the up keep all the building. So this weekend it was the Teddy bear parachute jump, You could pay a fee and then teddy went up in a bag to the top of the bell tower then jumped. It was great fun for the children as they laughed like mad when there teddy's floated down. I borrowed a teddy for the day and my brave teddy (who by the way was a rabbit but don't tell anyone) jumped twice.

Everyone had a good time and I have a few pictures to show just that

Then on Sunday we opened the church to the public, which is a new thing for the summer. I offered to church sit which I really enjoyed. It was nice a peaceful and I made my tea and sat and read my book. I had some really nice people who came to look at shared my limited history with them. I also took the time to take some pictures of the inside to show you.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some pictures of this fine old church as it is rather beautiful .


  1. Realu enjoyed that Jill, excellent idear about teddies jumping!!! The church looks wonderful...........Our church in Achill has lovely stain glass windows depicting the stations of the cross, huge big things they are and exceptionaly beautiful when the sun poured thru them!

  2. It was fun for adults and kids a like lol. It's a really nice church very pretty

  3. lovely church

  4. What a lovely beautiful church. I like the older ones as they have more history to them
    Thank you for linking up with the Weekend Blog Hop

    Hope to see you again this weekend

    Laura x x x


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