Sunday, 2 June 2013

First Picture Prompt of the month

First picture prompt of the month. Well we are into June and the year is slipping past so fast yet again. I have just had a really nice lunch with friends and we sat in the very warm sun shine and had a lovely meal. So I am feeling very chilled and thought it would be fun to try my random picture pick again. To be honest there is two pictures but I felt they went together.

Matthew with Nan Grace and Grandad Tom

Matthew with nan Rose and Grandad charlie

The first is a picture of my son Matthew when he was little. I think he was around 3 and also in the picture are my parents Grace and Tom. They used to live near the seaside and Matthew loved to visit with them as often as he could. It was pre his sister arriving so he would have them to himself. We had some really fun times with them which I think he will always remember. Sadly they have both died now. My mum at too far a young age of 63 over 20yrs ago and my dad at 74. I still miss them very much and wish I could still have one of my long conversations with my mum. I really hope I get to see them again one day.

The second picture is Matthew again at Christmas time with his other grandparents Rose and Charlie. They lived close and Matthew also liked to spend time with them. Grandad Charlie had a huge fish pond which Matthew loved  to feed the fish. Rose has sadly gone but Charlie is alive and doing very well. He does not look his age and thankfully is fully fit. I am he is still with us and so wish the others were as well.

When our parents are around we never really think to say " I Love You" or "Thanks" as it seems like they will always be with us. Then they are gone and you so wish you had said everything you ever thought you had time to do.
So say it today !


  1. What lovely old photo's Jill (I think I recognise the setting of the top one) and good advice as usual x

    1. Thanks Lou yes the one with my parents was at Clacton in the winter lol xxx


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