Monday, 24 June 2013

Fitbug Air Review

Fitbug Air is the product I am a very lucky girl to be trying out. If you read my blog you will know all about my attempts to lose weight, and my lack of mobility. It is a constant struggle and so I am always keen to try anything that could help.
Like most people I have tried pedometers but this is the big daddy of them all lol.

So lets begin with the facts

Fitbug Air is the first Bluetooth Smart Bug, letting you send and view your activity on your smartone or tablet. The battery should last from four to six months.
Stream or push your data seamlessly from your Bug via Bluetooth Smart. View your activity live on-screen. And much much more!

Can you imagine how smart this letter thing is to be able to track your steps and more. You can then download the information to your computer or mobile phone.
So when it arrived to be honest it took for around 20 mins to work it out, but the help site was helpful and there is such a lot of information on there to help.
You can even chat to other fitbug users and make friends , all must be a great way to keep on track.
I have had some issues with linking my bug to my lap top and phone, but fitbug have been very helpful and I am sure it will be up and running soon.
I have to say it has really made me so aware of my mobility and given my goals to try and get to. I maybe slow but I am so sure I can get there in the end.
Its early days but I think this little item is going to be worth its wait in gold.
My only negative ( and its tiny) its I wish it came with a neck strap or a clip as I found the wrist one difficult to carry around.
So I am going to try to post weekly and let you know how I get on. There is loads of information over at 
so check it out.

Please note I was not paid for this review only recieving a sample of the product.

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