Friday, 19 July 2013

Royal Baby!

Royal Baby fever has hit the UK and I think all over the world. The press have been camped outside the hospital that Kate and William will be having the first baby, for days now. I feel sorry for them as it must be very boring standing there day in day out!
More important I feel sorry for the young couple who must want to have some peace and to really enjoy the arrival of their first child.

I also feel for Kate in the very warm weather we are having as I know myself what its like being pregnant in this heat. My daughter Natalie was born in July 1986 and we had a heatwave that year as well. I do remember being huge and so uncomfortable. I think that we are so unused to very hot weather in the UK we find it very hard to handle.

So no one knows when our future King or Queen will arrive! The world waits with baited breath and excitement.
For me I hope mum and baby have a safe delivery and I wish them all the best wishes for the family.
Oh and no I will not be winging my way to London to stand outside the hospital!!

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  1. I keep checking my twitter stream to see if there is any news! Can wait to hear if it's a boy or girl! :)


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