Monday, 15 July 2013

Sainsburys Icing Challenge

Sainsburys family blogger network had a fun challenge to offer to us bloggers. They would send icing and we we would make something to show everyone. I loved the colours they sent really bright and sunny. If you read my blog often you will know I have recently got into cake decorating. Its funny really I am not keen on cooking but I loved cake decorating. I also love watching cooking shows as well which is also funny.
Over the last year I really think I have got better and I guess the old saying " practise makes perfect" really is true. The more you make the better or the more confident you become. So I thought I'd show you my first and then leading up to my Sainsburys challenge. So my first cake I made was for my friend Sarah for her birthday. I was rather pleased with it but looking at it now makes me cringe . It was a giant cupcake and I thought it was ok for my first attempt.

So then I practised a bit more and when my friend Rosa asked for another cupcake for her daughter Katy I was ready to have another go. This time I think I was a bit better.

Then I was off and racing . I had really got the bug and the more I did the better I got. I was really proud of one I made for my daughter in law Karen for her birthday. She loves the colour of purple and butterflies so I thought of a perfect cake for her.

I loved that cake I was so proud of it. So I think that the sainsburys icing challenge was right up my street.
So I thought I would make a cute cake which we could use to raffle for our local church. They were having a fund raising event which was a teddy bear picnic. The packets of coloured fondant I got from sainsburys were perfect. Already coloured so no mess of fuss. I used their while flower and modelling paste and mixed with a little fondant to make the figures. The modelling paste sets hard but you can still eat it. I found they all worked really well and would say go and buy some today and have fun. This is my cake for the challenge, can't wait to see yours.


  1. They are all lovely, what a talent,I'm still at the using a fork to spike up the icing on top of the christmas cake ready for the plastic santa stage.

    1. Thanks helen I took an evening class which really helped . Although I think like most things it's practise that's the key!


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