Saturday, 6 July 2013

Wedding Anniversary

On Sunday the 7th July it will be 34 years since I married my husband Kevin. We were very young and had only known each other for a short time. It didn't seem to matter as we were engaged and married within 6 months. .We had a lovely wedding and enjoyed all of it, our wedding party was Les our best man, Carole my maid of honour and Lucy Kevin's cousins daughter and my niece Emma. We also had our super cute page boy, my nephew Sam.

Over the years we settled into our daily life and had two wonderful children Matthew and Natalie.
Don't get me wrong its not always been roses we have had ups and downs like most long term relationship.
So every year we normal either just hang out or maybe go for a meal, but even when Kevin was in the Royal Navy we were always together.
So this year is a little different and Kevin sadly is not going to be able to make it home as he is away on business . I already have my card which I have to add was very romantic, but no Kevin. That makes me sad as it doesn't seem right to spend it alone.

Its ok he will hopefully be home by Tuesday its my birthday and we can spend some time with each other.
So if anyone has the same wedding anniversary date as me I wish them a very happy anniversary.


  1. Happy Anniversary to you! I love seeing examples of long-lasting marriages.



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