Sunday, 14 July 2013

I'm back

I'm back ! I have really been slack as far as posting as to be honest I had nothing much to say. I was then reading a blog post by the lovely  who is the wife of my nephew Sam. She is an excellent blogger as is my niece Emma  and it was something she wrote that really made think I had to do a post today.

She said that we should not feel the need to post about our life or feeling only if it was good. I must admit I have posted before about my struggle with health and weight issues and how sad that makes me feel. Yes I am jolly most of the time but sometimes its hard to be positive, when life is out to get you.
I am very lucky I have a wonderful family who I love very much and that part is great. Saying that I also live with constant pain most of the time which is wearing and exhausting.
My weight is an issue and I feel like i am on a never ending circle with one messing up the other. The pain makes it near on impossible to do little to no movement and the weight making the pain worse.
When people ask "how are you" they don't really want to know more than "I'm fine", they don't want to hear all the details, so you keep it to yourself.
Chronic pain is difficult to live with and very isolating as you feel you have to keep most to yourself.

Most of the time I don't let anyone know that I have a problem and that's fine. It would be nice to share but maybe that's what this post is all about. I am sharing with you!
So thank you Lou you gave me a reason to post today and for that I am happy.


  1. Hi Jilly, I can see your having an off day,week,or period. I have them too,times when all the worlds a problem and your superwoman costume is in the wash..
    I'm lucky really i have a good friend only a couple of doors away who brings me down to earth and always makes me laugh.It sounds as if she has alot in common with you, she had a serious back ingury a few years ago and is in constant pain stopping her from going out,we get each other trough the dodgy days.
    anyway I think your blog is briliant, i hope mine will be half as good, and I will look out for new posts whether there from good or bad days lets face it we are all human.
    Oh and as far as the weights concerned if fighting the same ,probably bigger battle. I was reading somewhere that before you attempt a weight loss diet you should spend 8 weeks eating healthily so thats what im trying to do at the moment. My son ben has just started is holiday from college, he has aspergers so when I have him 24/7 its a job in itself I Couldn't face a diet as well. The healthy eating is going down well,and if all goes well i can start dieting in September. I tried the Hairy Bikers diet was good but Christmas put paid to it!
    Well I've rambled on enough I think keep up the blogging Helen

    1. Thank you Helen what a lovely comment. Really I'm a very up beat lady most of the time. It was just the remark by Lou my nephews wife about not feeling you had to always pretend all was good. I do wish you well with your challenges as well. Like me keep smiling and come back often xx

  2. Awww I'm so glad I gave you a reason to write. I wrote the post because I read something that made me realise I had a tendency to sugar coat things and over edit my posts instead of letting it all out and when I did finally let it all out it felt so liberating! Like you I'm a pretty positive person but I'm giving myself permission to share when things aren't so positive too. xxxx

    1. I so agree Lou we do tend to sugarcoat things and that's not right. Life has its up's and down's and we have to roll with it . We are lucky as I'm sure there are many with worse lives than us.
      Thank you for the prompt ! Lots love xx


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