Sunday, 25 August 2013

Picture Prompt Sunny Days of Camping

Its been awhile since I did a picture prompt, so thought I would do one straight away. Its my parents Tom and Grace camping in around 1968. My mum loved to camp and my dad love to sit in the sun so it was a match made in heaven. This tent was my parents pride and joy and my mum loved nothing better than to use it. I remember the excitement when we bought it and tried it out for the first time in our back garden. It was orange and blue and had a living room and two bedrooms.
This holiday had not started well as my mum had managed to wash all our holiday money. I came down one morning to see washing lines strung across the living room with money clipped to it. Thankfully it all dried out and we set of to mums most favourite place which was Cornwall.

Mum loved Cornwall and always dreamed of living there, so even a few weeks aways made her so happy.
We were to stay for two weeks but due to floods washing out roads we ended up staying for 3. It was the best holiday I can remember. We had lots of fun and mum and dad were so happy. It made my mum very sad when in later years she could not go camping.

When I remember my mum this is how I like to think of her. She was so happy and it really was the best holiday ever.

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