Thursday, 29 August 2013

My constant companion

I had a conversation with my niece Emma over at the syders about the loss of a pet. It made me remember my constant companion my cat cefer. She came into my life around the time my dad passed away. On the day of his funeral she appeared in our garden looking for food. I started feeding her and before I knew it she was living with us all the time. She was a beautiful cat and so loved a cuddle. You just had to whistle and she was there.

At night she would sleep with me full length of my body and cuddled up tight. I miss those cuddles.....
She like most cats had a mind of her own but most of the time she was just wanting your love. When you had been out she was there is a flash so pleased to see you.
She has been gone just over a year and not a day goes by when I don't miss her. When she died it was like losing a family member. She had been my constant companion for 16 years and the hole she left was vast.
I was amazed at some people say "Its only a cat"! No she was not just a pet to me she was a whole lot more.
So R.I.P my baby, my cefer xxx

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  1. Know just how you feel - been 5 years since I lost my boy. And I still don't count myself as a cat person, but I made an exception for him

    1. Our pets do really leave paw prints on our hearts

  2. Awww, its so sad when our pets leave us. It is like losing a family member xxx


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