Thursday, 8 August 2013

My Diet Loss Review

So in the past I have been very lucky to get some help to lose weight , but I am always keen to try a new product or service. So when I got to try My Diet  I was excited.

The founder Nancy like myself had struggled with her weight. It was not till she was older that she found a diet that worked for her. She got slim and more important she stayed slim. So in 2008 she became a weight loss consultant, and later to start her own company My Diet Loss.

The principal is to encourage a regular eating pattern. There is nothing complicated, no regular meetings, you are in charge with good tasting products and simple plans.

All the products are scientifically developed by highly qualified nutritionists and are proven methods for weight loss.

So my weeks supply arrived today and I am excited to start . I only have a week but I will be giving it full effort. I am having a small operation on the 16th and I am going to wait until after, but thought I would tell you all about it first.

So come back in a couple of weeks and see what I thought of it all.

Please note I was not paid for the review only receiving a sample of the product


  1. Looks interesting

    1. Thats what I thought come back and see what results I get


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