Monday, 19 August 2013

Operation update

Ok I'm back and operation all done! It was fine and even though I was awake it was made so easy for me. The staff in the operating room were funny and kind, and made me feel relaxed. They explained everything to me every step of the way. Jokes and conversations made the time fly and I was in a wheel chair and rolling back to the ward.

It wasn't sore as it was totally numb but as time went on and feeling returned not going to lie it was a little sore. The thing I found most hard is not being able to do anything. Most of my time is crafting!
I'm sewing or paper craft or cake decorating I'm always busy.

So to sit and do nothing for days is frustrating!
I do know that it's for the best and in a few weeks I will be back up to speed.
So I survived a carpal tunnel decompression lol and I'm doing good and I've typing slowly lol

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