Monday, 23 September 2013

Forever Love

This is a picture of myself and my husband Kevin. It was taken on our wedding day on the 7th July 1979.
Kevin was in the Royal Navy and he wrote to the local newspaper asking for penpals. I had always loved to write and I thought he must have such an interesting life. So I started writing to him and by the end of that year I couldn't wait to get a letter. In December 1978 he came home and asked if we could meet to say thank you for all the letters.
My dad was not happy about meeting some unknown sailor and insisted he come home first. To cut a long story short by January 1979 we were engaged (four weeks after meeting) and by July we were married.

We had lots of problems at the start as people thought we were too young and had not known each other long enough. Well this July gone we had our 34th wedding anniversary and we are still together. Its not maybe the silly young love, but its a mature strong love that keeps us together. He is a great husband and dad and has worked hard to make a wonderful life for us.

So Kevin remember "Always and forever"


  1. Awww so sweet. It made me giggle to think of you taking your Dad along on your first date :-)

    1. Thanks Lou lol. I didn't say but he had shoes that you could see you face in. The dog was so happy he threw up all over them lol xxx

  2. Awwww I fell on this lovely post so how and it warmed my heart for all the morning! Just lovely we are frist loves also....Although we haven't been together quite as long as your good selves....I think we are most certain to get there! 25 years for us!! thanks for sharing and i wish you both many more happy years to gether....With hugs Maria x


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