Monday, 2 September 2013

Picture Prompt ..... family memories

So this week I was thinking of looking for  my picture prompt when I can across a memory stick my cousin sent me. When I opened it I really enjoyed looking at all the pictures he had put on there of my family.
Many of them are not alive anymore so getting a chance to think of them again really was rather nice. There was so many it would take more than one post but I have a few to start with .

This first one is of my grandmother Edith, my aunt Mary, my great aunt Grace and my mum Grace. I never got to really meet my nan as she passed away when I was two but all the others a knew and loved. In fact it was my cousin Brian who gave me the picture. His mum is Mary. Sadly all the lovely ladies in this picture have passed away, but always remembered . My wonderful mum is always in my heart. I love the old car in the picture, very of its time which must have been the 1950's.

The next picture is of my mum Grace and my older brother Tony, I think he looks very sweet and mum very smart. I don't know where it was taken but he looks young so I am thinking very early 1950's.

This next one is so great. It was taken in 1936 and it is my uncle Tom and My mum Grace. I thought it was great with the clothes and hairstyles. It would have made my mum laugh to see it.

When I see this picture I am amazed I have it. It is of my Uncle Tom and Aunt Mary looking very young. The man in the deck chair is my granddad Tom. My mother would tell me stories all about him and how much she loved him. He was disabled but it never stopped him having a life and job.

My last picture for today is of my Uncle Tom and my dad Tom. They both look so handsome and young, wish they were around today.
So I hope you enjoyed a little look at my family and I promise more to come.


  1. OMG Jill, these are great! Grandad looks exactly like my Brother Tony, even the way he is standing! Love that one of Tom & Nan, who's that sitting in the deckchair? xxx

  2. Sorry, Just re-read...Its Nans dad! What a fab photo. Thats the first photo Ive seen of him. Have you got any more on the memory stick? xxx

    1. Hi Em knew you would like them. I will print them for you and yes Brian put lots on. I have only seen two pictures of my granddad before myself. He didnt like having his picture took because of his disabilities far as I remember nan telling me xxxx

  3. These are such great photos I've never seen any old pictures of this side of the family, they are so great. Any chance you could email them to me it would be lovely for the boys to have photos of their family. I'm really enjoying reading your memories Jill as I hardly know anything about your family, please do more xxxx


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