Thursday, 10 October 2013

Mummy Look, Mummy Look

If you have children you will have stories about them to embarrass them forever when they get older. I have two wonderful children , who I think I have bought up well.
My oldest is my son Matthew. As a new mum I was full of nerves and worries. You are forever second guessing yourself and panic if you thing you are wrong. Its a steep learning curve!

Matthew was such a good baby, and he was happy and smiling most of the time. On this day, he must have been fairly small at the time as he was still in a crib. I put him down for his afternoon sleep and went to get on with some work.
After a while I could hear him chatting away and thought I better check on him. When I looked in I couldn't believe what I was seeing.
He had got the huge pot of petroleum jelly and covered himself totally in it. He had it everywhere it was possible to get it. He was so happy and smiling and thought he had done such a great thing. He was so cute but have you any idea how hard it was to pick up that slippy baby lol.

Took more than a few baths to get rid of it all but his skin was so soft !.

It makes me smile to think of it even today and he really did have his Mummy Look, Mummy Look moment.


  1. Lol not sure Matt will feel the same lol. How skinny was I !! Oh those were the days xxxxx


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