Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Disability and the theatre

Disability and the theatre. This week I had the great pleasure of seeing the Osmonds at my local theatre. As you know I have more than a few mobility issues so considered this in my seat pick. I knew it was restricted view but it was front row and close to the disabled toilet .

I was very excited as I have been a huge fan since I was a child. The front row seat meant I could see everything and still sit.
Umm was I wrong!
Just before they came on we noticed women coming from the back and standing in front of the stage. It was impossible to see anything unless you stood up. My daughter is not at all like me and very strong. She asked  a staff member if they would be allowing this and he said yes . She was so angry and asked for the manager to be called.

He offered other seats but my point was I had bought those seats because I wanted to sit there! Also I'd paid full price and these people most likely had not!
He was not overly helpful and offered a voucher for one ticket for another show!!
So I had to stand for the whole show not easy for me, many times I had to sit but then I felt I was missing out.
At least I was able to stand I felt so sorry for those in wheelchairs who could not. Since I've had these issues you notice things like this all the time.
People parking in disabled parking bays or worse parking bays not close to the store.

I would hope the theatre changes its policies on allowing people to stand in front of the stage, but I have my doubts!
I'm not hiding I have bits that don't work , but my brain is still sharp!


  1. I didnt realise people were allowed to do that in a theatre, how inconsiderate of other people. When I took the girls to a 1D concert this year I had a really annoying girl standing in front of me who was wild, flinging her arms everywhere. I know, you expect it at a concert but I couldnt actually see a thing for the whole show. Luckily I was only there to chaperone so wasnt really interested in the show, but had it been someone I liked I would have been totally gutted xxx

    1. I was shocked with all this health and safety they allowed it. I still loved the osmonds but missed bits as I had to sit down! Xxx


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