Saturday, 26 October 2013

Must you call everything Pat?

I'm a younger child . My older brother is 10 years my senior and it must have been a shock when I arrived. I think the age gap always affected our relationship and we were not close. Then when I was seven I got the sister I'd dreamt about!
My brother met Pat and boy was I happy. She was so pretty and had beautiful clothes , I was totally amazed by her. She was kind and would play and let me do her hair.

I was 10 when they got married and I was so happy.

Pat and Tony's wedding I am the short one !!

 Over the years I had a few pets a bird called ......Pat , a tortoise called ....... pat and a rabbit called Pat. My mum joked that if I carried on I would run out of things to name Pat.
She was always great with me and quickly became my best friend. Later on when my niece Emma arrived I was in seventh heaven. I had always been the baby and now at last I wasn't . I loved her from the first time I went to see her in hospital, and was amazed at all her hair and tiny hands. I had not been around any babies so I was in wonder of this tiny little girl.

Pat had what today would seem old fashioned silver cross pram. It was beautiful in green with a cream inside. Now it would see huge but in those days it was the style and fashion of the day. I loved to see Emma dressed in her best clothes sitting in her pram with matching quilt. The best day for me was when Pat allowed me to take her out alone. I was given the safe talk before leaving and then we set off. I can say for a 12/13 year old I was proud as punch pushing her up the street.

Not long after Emma's brother Sam arrived a dear cute little boy, and my 14 year old self was so happy spending time with them. I would pester my dad to take me to their house so I could sleep over. I must have been there most weekends and school holidays. As they got older we would have so much fun all going out to the park or shops.

Sam and Emma 

We had so many adventure I still smile when I think about it.
Once we went up to a London to a market. We go on the old fashioned London red bus and put the stroller in the space they provided. We sat down with the kids and was chatting about what we had bought and how much fun we had. Suddenly as we went around a corner the stroller fell out and shot off the bus. The bus would not let us off until the next stop. We jumped down babies and bags in our arms, chasing down the road for the stroller. Lucky for us it landed safe and we were able to get in and get back on another bus.

It would take a book to write down everything I did with Pat and I have a huge amount of happy memories which I keep locked in my heart.
Sadly she passed away far to early and when she had so many good things to live for.
She did leave behind a beautiful daughter and sons Sam, Tom, Tony,Ben and Dan .
Gone but not forgotten my angel my Pat!


  1. Aww lovely post Jill, Lots of good memories together xxx

  2. Lovely story Jill xx

    1. Thank you it made me smile thinking of happy times

  3. What a lovely tribute Jill, I really enjoyed reading your memories x

    1. Thanks Lou at my age I've have loads to share lol xxx


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