Friday, 18 October 2013

Kitchen Adventure part One

Ok at long last the event is taking place. Yes folks I am getting my long awaiting and dreamt for kitchen. I took on the last owners kitchen when we bought the house in 1998, and we always planned to change it. However lack or money or time or both meant that until now it just has not happened. I have had little to no DIY in the last few years and to be honest I had got used to my run down home.

My hubbie took early retirement last November and I expected the kitchen adventure to start straight away, but fate had other plans. So here we are almost a year later and at long long last work has started. I am lucky that my hub is pretty handy and knows one end of hammer from the other, so he is doing all the fitting.
If you read my blog you know I love to bake so I wanted a really clean and simple kitchen with tons of cupboard space.

My heart went toward the country shaker type but in the end I went for a sleek cream high gloss. I added oak work surface, black American fridge and black and silver range. To finish we are having an oak floor right through the whole ground floor which I think will tie in with the work top. The rest of the ground floor is going to be cream with two walls in a cream paper with a very gentle glitter effect. I am hoping to get new sofa's in a soft brown and if money allows a new dining table in oak to match the floor.

I am really excited to be able to be proud of my home again and not die a death when someone comes to visit lol. At the moment it is a total mess with all my things in boxes, it takes ages to find anything. I took 30 mins the other day to find my baking flour ! I can stand the mess oh yes I can because it will be so worth it.
So this is a picture of the kitchen and the mess and as we add more I will share with you.


  1. It sounds like it will be lovely Jill! Can't wait to see the finished result xxx

  2. Lets hope it all works em . I am hoping it will look like it does in my head lol. You can be the first guest to see it promise

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you come back soon for next instalment lol

  4. How exciting!!! What woman wouldn't want a new kitchen :) Danica

    1. I know Danica is so exciting as it will be I hope the kitchen of my dreams!


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