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Cake Maker Supplies Review

cake decorating supplies in Southend

I always like to share a great company or web site as they can be hard to find at times. As you know I love to decorate cakes, its a hobby that has grown and grown. Now a decorator often needs a load of supplies and as I live in a rural area that is an issue. I have to drive miles to get my things or wait for ages to get by post.

So I can't tell you how excited I was that a new company had opened in my area, but will also supply outside of the area. So lets give you some facts.

Cake Maker Supplies is your one stop shop for baking and cake decorating supplies.

For bakers and cake decorators (professional and hobby)

Their aim is to bring you great products at great prices as fast as possible and if we don't have it, we will source it for you and deliver for free when it comes in.
In September 2013, the owners John and Mel Ginsberg bought Cake Maker Supplies from a lady called Sarah. Their aim is to bring the cake decorator or baker great products at great prices as fast as possible and if they don't have it, they will source it for you and deliver for free when it comes in.

A little bit of background about John & Mel:

John -  Is a computer software developer with over 15 years experience, so his department is the website and accounts.

Mel - Is a  cake decorator mostly making cakes for family and friends. She like myself  has just completed her  NCFE L1 in Cake Decorating. Her department is sales and purchasing.She said Its like being a kid in a candy store lol.   I bet it is I know I would feel the same!

I have bought a lot of things from them and they are a really great company. Very willing to please and will really put themselves out to help and and get products for you. As they are local to me they also deliver to my class which is wonderful. I get on the site order my things and they are ready and waiting when I get to class. They even have a live chat so you can ask in real time about items you are looking for.

I can honestly say I have never found another company so ready to help, which I think is rare these days.
The items are a good price and well worth it as the quality is great. So check them out today for all your cake decorating and baking needs, they are a great company. Theses are a few pictures of products I have used to give your an idea of stock.

Roll out fondant. Nice easy to work with and comes in a range of colours

Round and square cake drums

Very cute cake toppers!

Some information about Cake Maker Supplies:

Website - ( We will be launching our new website over the next couple of days :)). We are also in the process of moving to a bigger unit so that we have open a small shop to the public. We are a family run business.

Twitter -

Facebook -

Please note I was not paid for this review 

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