Saturday, 9 November 2013

Lord Mayors Parade

Today we in the UK have the first of two important days in the November calendar . The first of the two is the Lord Mayor Show, which takes place through the city of London. It is also very special for a lady called Fiona Woolf who is only the second ever female Lord Mayor of London, The title of Lord Mayor is the name for the job, and can be a man or woman. She must be very excited and honoured.

The parade started with the new Lord Mayor arriving in her magnificent golden carriage. She looked so happy and the crowd waving and cheering. Sadly it was pouring down and I noticed her black feathers getting rather damp.

Then the parade was off in a blaze of colour and sound. I am cosy at home today but I do remember as a child being there. Wrapped up warm against the chill November day. Excited and cheering, waving my flag. I was totally amazed at the sight. Its been many many years later and although I am not there, I am still enjoying it.
I love the sound of the marching bands of which there are many. Foot tapping music and in pouring rain.

There was so many fantastic people it would take more than one post of show you. I did love the Bolivian dance group but they must be so cold in their super short dresses. Very brave on a cold wet morning.

Everyone looked so happy and excited, and a bit wet lol. Every age group and despite the weather at least 7,000 people had come to watch. Even under umbrellas every one was cheering and happy, proving you don't need sunshine to have a good time.
It was a totally fantastic parade and lots of fun before the more serious parade in the morning of Rememberance Sunday where we remember those who have given their life and service to the country.

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