Saturday, 9 November 2013

My five minutes of fame

Last year I was watching me favorite day time show called "This Morning", when they asked for people to get a makeover. I thought that sounded great as I was always worrying about what I should wear. So off I went to my computer and sent them an e mail. I was amazed when they picked me. I was worried because I am short and plus size so clothes are not easy for me. 
When I arrived they had some clothes for me to try on and then I got to pick. I also had my hair and make up done which was great, they used colours I never would have.

Its not all easy because if you have any hang ups about your body then you will understand what I mean. They were very kind and I did feel like they cared about me.  I got to keep all the clothes and shoes even if I couldn't wear them because I couldn't walk in them. So If you think you would never ever get on a show how do you know if you don't try. 

Me and the then presenter Fern 


  1. I remember getting all excited when your show aired and watching you on the telly was so cool! You are so right, the moral of your story should be 'go for it!"

    1. Lol Natalie's not long been on eitherxxx


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