Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Maybe I need to Quilt Again?

I was thinking of what I could have a chat about today and looking through my pictures I came across this one of one I made a few years ago. I have always liked to sew but mainly dressmaking not anything else. My mother was excellent at sewing and could just look at something to be able to copy it for you, I was born next her sewing machine so I think you can say I was born into sewing.

I found patchwork by chance and was hooked. I loved planning a quilt and making it into a lovely cosy blanket. It also give me huge pleasure to give it as a gift and see the joy someone got from it.
The one in the picture is one I really like, it was made for a young friend who's favourite colour was Red. I was fairly easy to make and I loved the finished quilt alot, lucky my young friend did as well.

Sadly this past year my sewing has been thrown to the back of the table, due to my cake decorating which seems to take most of my time. I never have any spare time to sew and after seeing this picture i see how much I have missed it.  Maybe I need to Quilt Again?
So after Christmas I think I am going to start sewing again and finding my quilt love again.

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