Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Read all about it!

Read all about it!  The word on the street or the blog is I am co hosting my first blog hop on Monday. I have never done that before so for me it is rather exciting lol. I am still in my eyes such a novice and I am learning still everyday. When I started this blog journey I never either thought three years later I would still be going. I was started by the best , my niece Emma who has a great blog so my beginning was good. I try to learn more by myself if I can as I feel this is a great way to learn.

My son is in the computer industry and he will help me if I get stuck, but I always struggle to remember what he has told me. However, if I do it by myself it seems to sink in ! I am sure I have made lots of mistakes but in general I am pleased with what I have achieved over the years. I am 55 and the whole blog world was unknown to me until three years ago. I have gone from "Why" to "Yay" in that time and love every second I spend working on my blog.

It never either ceases to amaze me that so many kind people take time to read and comment on my posts. Its wonderful to know that the things I write are being read all over the world!
So I hope you will come back on Monday and take part in my first co host blog hop as I would love to share it will lots of you.


  1. Not just Monday, I hopped over from Sew Crafty Angel, where you are also co-hosting, now. Hi Jilly, I'm Connie at, a new GFC friend. I'm curious about your header, did you do it? It's so cute. If you ever need any help, if I can, I will.

    1. Hi connie thanks for coming to visit. I am glad you like my header my son did it for me. I love it as its so me lol


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