Friday, 29 November 2013

My Three New Blogs

The blog prompt for the 29th Novemeber is three blogs you have found recently. I spend ages reading lots of blogs but my three are

!. Lou's Lake Views

This is a very lovely blog which is beautiful in its style and words. Its a story of a UK family who have moved to Cananda and its a great read. Lou also takes and uses some fab picture. Well worth checking it


 I only found this blog just this week but I really enjoyed reading it and also linking up in the blog hop. It is so great when you find a blog you can really take part with and enjoy

3. I have to give my last slot to Nowtspecial. and I am very glad I did. I only got in on the month of blog prompts in the last couple of days. I really enjoyed it a lot and will be coming back often


  1. Thank you so much for mentioning me Jill, I'm really flattered x

  2. My pleasure Lou you have a lovely blog xxx


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