Friday, 29 November 2013

What Do You Do?

I was sitting thinking it was very late or very early and I should go to bed, when I came across a really great idea. Sadly I came across it at the end of its run, but it was to post about a set subject every day.
The prompt for the 28th was over at nowspecial and the subject was " Do you ever voluntarily do what you could get paid for", a good question I thought.

I got  into cake decorating last year. When you children were small I used to make their cakes, but they were very simple . I always thought it would be nice to learn more , so I took my chance and made a start.
I thought at first I had no chance as I did not seem to have the natural ability to do them. I did not give up and managed to get through my level one and then thought I would go onto level two. I just into that I have learnt so much.

The problem is I get asked for more and more cakes now. I often make them for free and I really don't think people really know how much they cost. An average two tier would cost anyway between £250-300 and I have many this size for nothing at all.
I don't mind if it is for family or I choose to make it a gift. It does however make me cross if you try to explain costs and people change their mind. Cakes cost a lot of money to make. The ingredients , the board the box, the icing it goes on. That does not include the electricity or my time to make them.

Saying all that I do love to give someone a cake and see the joy it brings them. I love to see them smile and I have to be big headed and say its great when someone says "ooo did you make that", it makes it all worth while.
So I would love to get paid fairly in the future, but knowing me I will still make for loved ones whatever the cost.
A few of my cakes

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  1. I can't believe you don't charge for your cakes, they are absolutely beautiful!


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