Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Remember Remember The Fifth of November

So tonight it's bonfire night in the UK. It dates way back in history when a man called Guy Fawkes tried to burn down The Houses of Parliament , which as you can imagine didn't go down too well

. So every 5th of November families in the UK remember this event by having their own bonfire. As a child I so have memories of parties where my mum would cook up a big pot of something, and put potatoes to roast on the fire. My brother and his friends and my cousins would all turn up, bringing their fireworks. It was such fun to stand by the warm fire on a frosty night, watching them shoot up into the sky. Looks of "ooo's " and "ahhh's" would be heard, and then we would eat the food.

My dad always was careful and safe as fireworks could and still are dangerous. Now days I think people tend to go to large displays which are all done for you. I guess much safer as well.
I have to say I miss those bonfire nights from my childhood. How much fun one day to do it all again!
Stay safe this year!


  1. My Dad always made a big effort on bonfire night, I remember cooking spuds & sausages round a bonfire with him. When mine were little I always had a kids party at my house and my Mum would always come over with the boys. All the kids would be lined up against the house while we let off the fireworks xxx

  2. Funny my memories and yours both have your dad. Maybe he got it from nan xxx


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