Monday, 4 November 2013

Where I live!

It's Monday and a bit cold today so I'm trying to get myself moving! I thought today while I was thinking of the plan , I'd chat about where I live.
I'm a London girl by birth and I'm very proud of that, however I always was a country girl at heart. It may be from my mum. During the Second World War my mum was in the women's land army. She had wanted to help and lied about her age to join. At 16 she moved away from London to the countryside. It was a hard life but one she enjoyed , she had lots of adventures and I'm going share them with you this week!
So I grew up hearing her stories of rural life, and also how much she wanted it back. So I always wanted to move to the countryside, and had to wait awhile to make it come true. So we ended up in Burnham-on-crouch in rural Essex UK. My husband knew Burnham but I fell in love on my first visit. I loved the mix of country and the river with its beautiful sunsets. The picture below is one of those sunsets taken by my son Matthew.

River front

 I'm lucky to have this fantastic church just across from my house. It's very old 11th century in places , but very warm and beautiful inside. I took this picture standing by the wall that surrounds it. I was very pleased with the shadow as I think it frames the picture.

St.mary's church

I hope you have enjoyed my whistle stop tour and I will try and share some my bits of of beautiful rural Uk.


  1. You do live in a gorgeous place, lol. I love it here! Fantatastic photos Jill xxx

    1. We are very lucky em. Thanks it was only taken on a phone lol xxx


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