Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Chronic pain

If you read my blog often you will know that I have an issue with chronic pain. I guess it started about 10yrs ago and has gone progressively worse as I get older. I was chatting with my doctor today and she said I should write about this issue.
 So to start with a few facts. Any pain that goes on long after the initial injury can be considered chronic pain and can end up with a loss or restricted loss of independence . It can start depression and feelings of isolation . 

If you suffer chronic pain the sense of isolation is huge. You feel that you have to keep much to yourself as people don't really want to know. When a friend asks you "How do you feel" they don't really want to true answer lol. If  I am asked that question I have to smile and say "I'm fine thank you", but I really want to say well I have A or I have B.

You feel very lonely at times and a proper boring person because you cant take part in so many things. I want to run , I want to be silly and climb trees or just  plain have fun, but I cant. I think sometimes people think I am just being boring but its not that at all.

If like me your pain has been around so long, people can get bored of it and so you keep it to yourself. Lack of people to talk or more important who will listen is really something that is difficult.
Now you can choose to sit and cry or you can choose to paste on a smile and keep going. I am of the second pick and choose to stand tall ( well sort of lol) and smile and say that I am fine. I have to admit I can shoot myself in the leg by doing this some times, but I still will carry on.

I write my blog because it is fun but I also write my blog to share my life and struggles and to be honest.
I would love to hear from any of you who have Chronic pain like me and how you plan your life around it.
Put on a smile and keep going and remember at all times try to be Jollyjilly!


  1. Thanks for sharing your story, Jill. I do not suffer from chronic pain, but my husband does. There are days it makes him short (testy) and other times he is happy & pushes through. It is definitely an emotional roller coaster. The weather affects him as well. If it is cold & humid that is when he feels the worst.

    I used to try & cheer him up or change his mood, but I find that if I just let him be in whatever space he is in and just let him know I am there...that works best. I also try not to ask him "how are you feeling" very often...lol. I can tell and I don't want to put undue pressure on him to say "fine" :-)

    1. Lisa I'm so sorry you husband like me has pain. I'm also sorry for you as living with a person with chronic pain is hard too. We can but keep smiling :-)


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