Thursday, 9 January 2014

Grateful for Menopause

Grateful for menopause is not a phase I would have thought I would use. Emma Thompson is in the news these days with her success in her latest movie " Saving Mr Banks" where she give an excellent performance.
Recently on an interview she said that she was grateful for the menopause and her hot flushes. With America and Canada being hit with the very low temps, at least she is staying warm. She said it was the one time she was grateful for the cold weather, as she was using her hot flushes to keep her warm.

I'm glad she loves it and I can see where she is coming from as I always feel better when the weather is colder. I wish I had asked my mother more about Menopause and how she coped with it . Sadly she passed away when I was in my early 30's so the chance to do that was gone. I guess we are lucky these days that we have the Internet, with its huge amount of information.

I think its funny that all women go through this but it is not spoken about often. I miss being able to chat to someone who has survived and I wish it was talked about more . I think its safe to say we all come out the other side lol , I hope with all my life intact.

I am lucky that I only have the problem hot flushes like Emma, and I am with her on cooler weather . I think wearing layers can help as you can take off or put one depending how you feel. I am not a fan of taking lots of meds for it as I already take a few for other things. I have tried a few natural things but nothing works as yet. I think taking care of your health in general, and in my case losing weight is the key. My weight loss is slow but I am doing it, and have lost 10 pounds since just before Christmas. If you are experiencing Menopause I would love to hear your story. Keep going it doesn't last forever.


  1. Being 56 & done with menopause now for quite a while, I have to say that I realize I breezed through compared to others. So perhaps I am not one to give advice. But the one thing I did find most helpful was to drink a lot of water. I know that sounds so simple but I did find that staying hydrated helped. I always had a water bottle in my purse too, so that I was able to drink to cool myself down before a full out melting occurred before everyone's eyes. I love the graphic you chose with the woman pulling her clothes off. Stay positive as this too shall pass. So happy to have visited from Blog Lovin' this morning as I do think this is my very 1st time visiting you!!!

    1. Thank you I so agree with the water and I'm already doing that due to my diet . I think I'm doing ok so maybe I'm lucky. Thank you for visiting please come back often :-)


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