Saturday, 4 January 2014

Yeah, yeah,yeah

I was sitting watching TV and a show came in talking about music and iconic people within it. It showed bits from the past and one clip had me right back as a young child . I remember sitting and watching this group of boys , with long hair and nice clothes. All the girls were screaming as they sang " you know she you , yeah yeah yeah" and going mad.  The group in question was The Beatles.
I knew I liked the sound but had no idea why they were screaming lol. Later that year my mum took me to the movies and the film was all about pop groups. The girls were screaming so much I was scared stiff and cried!
I always liked that early stuff with its young raw sound but I wasn't as keen on the later music.
I went on to like the monkeys and then The osmonds , but that early Beatles was so great !

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