Thursday, 13 February 2014

Fitbug Orb Review

Ok so you all know I am trying to lose weight and its hard for me as my fitness is not great due to medical issues. I was lucky to be able to give the fitbug a trial and I thought it was a great idea. So you can imagine I was extra pleased to try the new version.

The fitbug orb has recently been launched on the market and at £49.95 or around it is affordable for most.
There other activity trackers out there but I think this is a great one. The orb is wonderful as it has options for wearing. It has a clip, and belt hook and for me the best one a wrist band.
A few facts first

Fitbug introduced bluetooth last year to its devices to allow fitbug users to send their data in real-time to the fitbug mobile app, available on blue tooth smart ready devices. The digital health and well being coach, kik , provides personalised weekly targets based on users insights and daily health trends.

So my pack arrived this morning and I was excited to get going with it.

I totally love the options for wearing as I prefer to  it on my wrist. The clip is fab as there are times when you will not want it seen. The Orb is so tiny that its easy to wear and very light. 
I already had a fitbug account so it was very easy to add my Orb to my account. If you are new to fitbug it so simple to set up. Full instructions come with the Orb and you just follow the steps. Once you are set up  you will get daily emails that let you know more about your fitbug and how to get the most from your membership. The first week you have to just do what you normal do. Fitbug learns your baseline in week one and uses this to start setting you weekly goals. Also regular advice on @fitbugActive on twitter where you can get lots of advice and help
So I am set up with my lovely new Orb and I will do a regular once a week report so you can all see how I am progressing.  I have lost 16 pounds using my normal fitbug so I have high hopes for my new Orb.

Please note I was not paid for this review I only got a sample of the product.

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