Thursday, 13 February 2014

Name That Tune

I was over at my niece's blog the syders today and she was taking about her lovely mum, and special songs which make her think of her.
Its struck me as so funny as just the other day I had the same thing happen to me. I was in the car with my husband driving back from the North of England after doing a fantastic cake course, at David Cakes. We had the radio on and all of a sudden a record blasted out . It was a song called "The Last Waltz" by a singer who was huge in the 60's and 70's called Engelbert humperdinck.

We had gone into London with my mum and my older cousin Pat for a hospital appointment. We were at a huge London train station making our way home. On the platform there was a machine. A bit like those ones that take your photo, this one allowed you to record a message or a song. In those days it was very out of the ordinary. My cousin said "come on lets have a go", and in we went. It was tiny and three of us squeezed into this tiny space was a bit tight. What should we say , what should we sing ??? The we come up with "The Last Waltz" and we got ready. As the track started I remember my mum saying her butt was stuck outside the door, and much laughing and laughing started. Then we noticed it was already recording so this was all on the track.

When we finished it gave us a very thin black record, it worked very well and all the fun we had was on that silly little disc. I have no idea what happened to it and I sooooo wish I had it today as it would be fun to listen too.
I have to admit to being a bit silly and having a wee cry listening to it again on the radio , as my mum long passed away and it made me miss her a lot. Then I remember how much fun it was and how much we laughed and I was glad I got to hear it again. I hope mums up in heaven driving them all mad singing it lol.

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  1. Aww that made me chuckle Jill, I have lots of songs that remind me of Nanny, especially the old war songs and Max Bygraves xxx

    1. I thought it would make you smile. Bet you never knew nan, pat and me cut a record lol xx

  2. What a lovely memory trigger, music is so special in that way. Thank you for linking to #AllAboutYou and sharing

  3. Oh wow, what a fab memory and oh how I wish they still had those machines on train station platforms, love vinyl! Thanks so much for linking to #AllAboutYou


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