Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The 8 Most.......

The 8 Most....... this could be a whole number of lists which mean different things to different people. So I thinking mine would be

The 8 Most things woman want!

1. To be thinner or curvy... As woman we never seem happy with our lot in life. When we are bigger we wish we were smaller and when we are smaller we wish we were bigger lol. Maybe we should just relax

2. Had better Hair..... Bigger, thicker, thinner, straight ..... shall I go on and do I need to say more!

3. More popular..... More friends or fans or just more of it all, we loved to be loved

4. Better clothes..... Nicer clothes or better ones. We all wish we could afford those expensive ones or those lovely handbags.

5. Understanding partner..... A man who loves us for who we are and understands what we are all about.If

6. A house that stays clean....... or tidy or just looks like a show home with little to no effort

7. Well behaved children (if we have them)....... those perfect little loves that behave and smile and never ever get dirty!!

8. To be younger....... Now this one is not one of my pet wishes. I prefer the age I am at but it would be nice to go back and change a few things.

Love to hear all your I most things,

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