Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Wow what a start to a new week

So its been a rough start to a new week! I went into it feeling good, I am so focused on my diet and I really wanted to do extra well this week. I have really noticed that my 15 pound weight loss has helped me so much already. Then on Sunday I just felt so cold all day.  Now for me that is odd and normally I am hot all the time.

In the early hours of Monday I was woke up with the worse stomach pain I have had , since I had children ! I have no idea what is was but maybe food poisoning or something, I only know it was so painful. I couldn't get back to sleep and then spent the next hours and hours fighting the pain. I was getting worried I have to be honest and said if it had not improved by the morning I was off to the hospital.

Then thankfully the pain started to get a bit lighter and it was such a relief. It then turned into a cold, so I am thinking that it could be gastric flu. I am normally a fighter when I am sick but this laid me out, and left me weak as a baby. I honestly would not wish it on my worse enemy.

Through it all I did manage not to break my diet and even measured out my energy drink lol
So thankfully I feel better but not totally back to normal.

I hope you have a better start to your week than me.
Oh I know I cheeky but if you enjoy my blog could your vote for me, in The Mad Awards I would be very grateful . I would so love to win one but just to get a nomination would be wonderful xxx

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  1. Hi Jill,
    So sorry about your illness, but glad you are feeling better now. Great job on not breaking your diet as well. I just voted for your blog and I hope others do the same. I would love to see you win!

    1. Thank you Lisa . I'm feeling much better but not fully up to speed . I did lose a pound so I was happy with that. Ah thank you that's very kind. I don't expect to win but it's nice to try lol xx


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