Tuesday, 11 March 2014

My mum

A few days ago it was International womens day and I really did mean to talk about a lady who really was so important to me. Then time moved in and I had to put it on the back boiler until today.
I have had the luck to have a few women in my life who meant a great deal to me, but the most important was my mum,  Grace.
Sadly she was taken from me by cancer at an early age of 63 and I still miss her everyday. I can think of her now and not be sad but it doesnt stop me from wishing she were here . I hope she is up in heaven looking down on us and seeing what we have all done or is doing .

My mum was a character! She had a strong temper and very strong willed. As a child this got her in trouble with my nan alot lol. She was always going against my nan and alwyas fighting for her lifestyle. I will have to start recording her stories as she had such a very interesting life.

When she died I worried that I was at risk. I found no advice at all really. In the end I rang some cancer helpline and they were able to offer help. I would want to know if I were at risk as I feel I would have to know. I am still hoping for a cure in the near future, wouldn't that be so great as I am sure we have all lost someone we love to this illness.

My mum would be my woman of the year. She was fierce and independent which was not the norm for her age group. She was funny and very clever and I am so sorry I lost her so early as she would have done so much.
I love you mum and I hope I have been as good a mum to Matthew and Natalie as you were to me. xx

my my young women in the front row.
Also my nan, my aunt Mary and great aunt grace

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