Thursday, 13 March 2014

SuperNatural collection Review and Giveaway

So today is a good day ! I have another lovely product to review and better still the same item to giveaway.
So I will start by letting the company speak for itself and a little about them.

If you want really cool, ethically produced clothes and accessories for your babies and kids ... then look no further!  We ARE the coolest!

SuperNatural means we're not just natural … we're SUPER natural.  We seek to reduce environmental harm with our use of organic cotton and other natural-based eco fabrics.

We also work hard to comply with global labour and minimum wage standards - it wouldn't be cool to do otherwise!

Check out our new Afro Supa Hero range featuring the Afro Supa Star™Twins © Jon Daniel.

With our Hoodie Tops, Dresses, T Shirts, Leggings and Super Hero capes, there's plenty here to make you and your children jump for joy - thank you for dropping by

So I was excited to get my parcel and look at this hero cape. I was also interested in the company and its natural products. I have a new grandson arriving in June so I am keen to look at any baby ranges, and the ones that are caring of the enviroment can only be good.

This how it arrived all sweetly wrapped up with a lovely green ribbon. I hope this is how they send out their products as it was so nice to get. I was not unhappy once I got my supa hero cape out  (well not mine personally lol) and looked at it.

Unisex: Blade Green Super Hero Capes

The quality was good , it was really heavy and well made. It was so super soft I could imagine any child would have to mad not to wear it. I love the idea of being able to whizz around whooshing your cape and making up adventures lol. They do boy, girl and even twin versions so lots of super fun for all.
The one above it priced at £20.00 but as I have said the quality is very good and I think it would be still going strong when your little one is grown -up.I Have to add the company is delightful to deal with and I think customer service is another thing to consider for a busy parent, or grandparent.

I am delighted to say that Supernatural Collections have been kind to give me another cape to offer in a giveaway.  So please enter and get a chance of winning this lovely cape which I am sure any child would love.

So click on the link below and enter what have you got to lose

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Hi Jill, thank you for giving us a thumbs up here. The cape is made from a generous amount of Modal (made from sustainably farmed beech trees). Its fineness is comparable to natural silk and is what makes it so deliciously soft and super-hero swishy!

  2. my pleasure Jenny It is a beautiful soft cape but well made and I am sure will stand any amount of supa hero work

  3. My favourite superhero is superman :)


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