Thursday, 16 October 2014

The Personal Dreams of Jollyjilly

I was looking as I do around the inter net and came across someone talking about personal dreams. I know as children we all have dreams of what we will become or what life has to hold for us. As a child I guess my practical dream was always to be a nurse. I always played dolls but they had to be sick so I could bandage them up, or give them special medicine I made from my mums Roses lol.
If anyone asked me what I wanted to be it was a nurse and I never changed my mind.
However, deep down I had another dream, a wonderful distant dream that I never told anyone about.
Well I think I am safe to tell you now lol. My dream was to be a vocalist and better still a country and western singer lol. I wanted to be on stage in Nashville singing in a white fringe dress covered in bling !
I wanted to sing so much it hurt. Every birthday and Christmas I would leave my mum and note on her pillow. The note would read "Dear Mummy please can I have singing lessons"! You know my mum never ever asked me about the notes or mentioned them at all. I guess I can understand that as we were just normal working class, people like us didn't have singing lessons.
I had to be content with the school choir as that was the only chance I got to sing. I loved being in the front and singing my little heart out.
The funny thing is I would never have made it because my voice was not good enough and I am honest about that now. How fate has a hand because many many years later I had a little girl, and that little girl had the most amazing voice. My little girl grew into a wonderful young woman who had the voice I had once dreamed about.
So maybe I didn't get to sing but every time I hear her voice its even better than if it was me.
I have no regrets ....... well maybe never getting that white fringe dress!

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