Friday, 21 November 2014

Ryvita Review

My taste buds were in over drive this week as I got to try two yummy flavours and they were yummy!

This January rather than your normal resolutions, why not try a healthy diet full of versatility instead.

1.Healthy Breakfasts : Crisps breads Soldiers. Break a slice of your Ryvitas multigrain crispbread into soldiers and dip into a soft boiled egg for a delicious and nutritious breakfast.
I love this one it was really yummy with a lovely flavour.

2. Luscious Leftovers: Perfect cheese on toast crispbread. Why not try something new for lunch by adding a layer of grated cheese to sweet onion flavour.
were lovely and so perfect to have with cheese or ham yummy.

Ryvitas have been around since 1925 which is amazing by today's standards . So check out these flavour as they were so nice and well worth it.


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