Friday, 21 November 2014

Tetley Tea Review

So I have had a very interesting review this week for Tetley Tea. Now you can be forgiven in thinking how interesting can tea be! I was the same but was really surprised at how much I did learn.  I was really  amazed that tea tasters take at least five years to train, who would have thought it. I think the role of the tea taster is so interesting and if you would like to more then go to.

We in the UK are used to the cute adverts on TV with the little Tetley people, but in real life there are a Tetley tea folk team. This consists of

A team of 47 skilled individuals based in the UK, India and Africa
909 years worth of experience combined.

So I think there are lots of hard working people out there making sure we get our cuppa's everyday.
 I got to try three types of tea lucky me!

The first was Green Tea with Mint.

This was a lovely fresh and gentle green tea with added mint for a nice cool edge. It really found it pleasant to drink and I think it would be so nice in the summer . Think I would make it cold and add some fresh mint and maybe fruit and make a punch type drink.

The second was Green Tea with mango and passion fruit.

Once again this was a combination of the fresh green tea with an exotic blend of mango and passion fruit, all deliciously tropical. I thought this one was yummy and fruity and like the mint I think it would be nice cold in the summer as well.

And last I got to tea Extra Strong.

This is a tea to drink when you need a lift. A blend of deep, full bodied Assam and brisk African tea, this has a strong bright colour and lively on the taste buds. Its perfect to have any time and would go with all kinds of foods.

If you are are really interested in the story of Tea got and visit the Tetley Tea web site as there is so much information for you to learn the tea story.

Please note I was not paid for this review , only receiving a sample of the product

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