Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Week One: Shake the Crave

So believe it or not its been a full week since I started the Shake the Crave 90 challenge. So I set off the week full of hope as you do on a new diet.
I have the chocolate Shake the crave and I have to say after a bit of fixing I can make a mean one now. I have a bullet machine which I find is great to mix up my shakes, but you can also at a push put it in a plastic bottle and give it a darn good shake.
I add a few ice cubes to mine and sometimes I may add a piece of fruit to make it a little thicker.
Its really easy to mix once you get the hang of it and the chocolate one tastes yummy! Id drink it even if I wasn't trying to lose weight lol.

I have health issues so fitness which is meant to be a big part of this challenge is hard for me. I did manage my walking DVD once and a short walk to my daughters. Not much I hear you say but huge for me, and little acorns so they say. I am hoping once I lose some weight things will get much easier for me and my health.
I have been replacing my breakfast and lunch with my Shake the Crave, and then in the evening have a proper meal. I try to drink plenty of water during the day, but as yet have not given up my much loved tea ! I only use a small amount of skimmed milk and no sugar so I think it will be fine.

I have to say that I have felt better this week. I suffer with chronic pain and at times you can feel very under the weather and worn out. I think I have had more energy this week and I would go so far as to say my pain has been better. Now is that just a coincidence or the shake I don't know? I think I am far too early into the 90 days to say. However, feeling better for what ever reason is good enough for me.
I find that when I have my shakes during the day for the most part I am fine and not over hungry. My issue comes after I have my proper meal, then I get hungry but once again that could just be evenings! Time on your hands, television you can see what I am saying. I have to be totally honest and say I have cheated a wee bit a couple of times but not badly.
I am hoping that as time goes on my body will adjust and with the help you can get from the Shake the Crave web site I can improve things.

So the time has come to reveal if I lost weight at all this week. So drum roll please good or bad

End Week one Wednesday 12th November 2014   Lost :  3 pounds !

yay me lol . I know that if those little cheats had not happened I would have lost more and also if I could have done my 30 Min's for fitness. Saying that I am happy as a weight loss is a weight loss. So onto week two and I will post my results next wednesday.

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