Tuesday, 11 November 2014

The Times They are a changing!

I have decided Jollyjillys is changing! No don't panic its not a complete make -over , just a little fluff.
Ever since I started the blog I have been on a steep learning curve. I remember those long gone days when my niece Emma over at The syders started me off , I have been learning. I have gone from " why" to "yay" in a short few years.  Between Emma and my son Matthew I slowly found jollyjillys and started to grow my identity.
If you are wondering about the name and how I came about it there is a story lol. When Emma and her brother Sam were little they called me jilly. It was never Jill just jilly. Now most of the time I think I am jolly and upbeat. So there it was Jollyjillys was born.
My blogging journey has not been easy and there has been much to take in. I think I always will be learning , as there is always something to improve or find out about.  I also think you are never too old to learn, I am proving that lol.
I still seek advice and I like to try alone first but often I have to shout for help. I think that's ok as most other bloggers seem kind and will help if they can. I have been lucky enough to chat to lots of lovely people who have been kind and give me tips or hints when they can. Through reading posts I came across an event that lot seem to be chatting about. It was called BritMums live and it did look great. I considered going to this event but to be honest I was nervous and thought I really did not know enough to go. I thought it looked like the place to meet other bloggers and brands and to be able to improve my blog in the future.

I decided then and there that by next year I would go and be brave. Well it took yet another year before I got the nerve to consider it lol.  I wanted to push myself because I feel I learn so much. I also felt it would be wonderful and special to represent a brand at the event. Even though I am not a high profile blogger I still felt I could offer much to a company. I set myself a task to find that brand to work with, but also a brand that I believed in.  I had recently had used a wonderful site called
Lifestorybank, and thought it was a brilliant idea. Let me tell you a little about them and why I think its a great idea.
As I get older I am aware that I am the keeper of the family memories . My parents are long gone so are most of my older family members. I suddenly thought that if I passed away all my family history would be gone. Lifestorybank allows you to record and store those memories for the future, and its so easy to do. If I could offer you a tip I would say go over to Lifestorybank and check it out, its a fab company.

So when Lifestorybank wanted me to represent me at BritMumslive I was over the moon. I am delighted they have faith in me and I plan on doing a good job for them. I can't thank them enough and I will sit and store those memories so my history will not get lost.

So I have lots of plans and I am hoping to put them all in place. I will be outlining a few this week and I hope you think they are good ideas. I wanted to prove I can get better and make Jollyjillys a really good blog in 2015.
You can find out lots more about Lifestorybank at

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