Friday, 9 January 2015

One For The Weekend!

As it is Friday and nearly the weekend. I think January is a rather dull month , not much happening. After all the Christmas excitement and all the colour and pretty lights, its always depressing to pack it all away for another year. 
So as it is nearly the weekend I thought I would share a few ideas of what I like to do. I am sure that no matter where you are you can do something just the same.
The first thing I want to share is a fab movie i just saw the other day. I was flicking through Netflix and I came across a movie called "Mister and Pete" and it was a totally brilliant movie. Very hard hitting story but also one with a sweet side, it follows the journey of two boys over one summer. such a great plot and even better acting it was really so worth watching. I know there are tons of movies out now but I really want to see Paddington, as he was such a huge part of my childhood , as I am sure the same for a lot of people.

Why not visit a market . I live near London and we have a fab range of old markets , so many to spend a few hours drifting around and stopping for coffee. One of these is Portobello street market where you can buy anything from fruit and veg to antiques and clothes! Even if money is an issue after Christmas its still a fun thing to do. I know there are fab markets all over the place, and you will know where they are near to you.

If the weather is not at its best then a visit to a stately home could be just the ticket. In the UK we have some wonderful old buildings which are old but still beautiful. I bet there is one near to you but I would check opening times as its winter. Museums are also great places and often they are free or only a small admission.
Go out and do a very British thing ... Have afternoon tea. There are tons of places out there now and its so nice getting tea all made for you. I love them and it also make a nice surprise gift if you don't have time to wrap/

And last and not list I would pick up a book. I would sit and read with maybe tea and a snack and settle down with my book . I have always had a book straight back from a child so for me its a fab thing so do. 
So I hope you enjoy a few of the item's in my first one for the weekend. Go and make me proud!

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  1. Thanks for those ideas will check out the movie


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