Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Simoney Badges Review

Just before Christmas I was contacted by a lovely company who make badges and other items. I was given the chance to have a name badge made to wear along side my sponsor badge at Britmums live this year.
It was really easy to give them my design and almost straight away the proof came back. I wanted it to look like the header on my blog, so asked if this was possible. They were really helpful and the new design arrived shortly.
Within days my badge arrived and in generally I was very pleased with the quality and style. I would have liked my name a bit brighter but that is a small thing. I am sure if I had asked that would have been corrected as they seem very good at what they do.

They also do a full range of other promotion items and badges which all seemed very good quality.

So above is my badge and I think it looks very smart. I will be wearing my name badge from Simoney  at Britmums live next year along with my sponsor Lifestory bank badge. I think I will look very smart!
Why not order yours now.

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