Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Britmums Live Advice Please

So if you read my blog you will know this year I am going to a blogging event in London, called Britmums Live. I have wanted to go for a few years but never really had the courage to do so. Its a place to meet up with other blogger and also a place in which I can learn more about blogging.
Last year I thought I would attempt to get sponsorship to attend. I felt that I had something to offer a brand or company, and would do a good job for them. I tried a few of the companies I had spoken to in the past but they were already settled. Then by chance I started to use a company called
Lifestory bank. I came across it and thought it was a wonderful idea. As I am now in my 50's recording my memories is something I feel I need to do. I am the keeper of my mother's memories as well, and as she had been gone a long time its very important.
Lifestory Bank allows you to do just that. I love the idea of my family being able to have access to memories I have recorded for them when I am no longer around.

So you can imagine I was delighted when they offered to sponsor me to attend. I plan on doing a good job for them but I am nervous as well.
Having never been before I have no idea what to expect or what really happens day by day.
So have you been before? and more important what advice can you give me to enjoy the weekend to the full.
I really am a novice so any advice or help would be wonderful. Pretty please lol.
Please do check out my wonderful sponsor at their web site.


  1. I can't help! I'm too shy to go but good luck!! I am so clueless and would not have even considered getting a sponsor! Well done on sorting one out! Have a lovely time xx

    1. Lisa im no confident either but i so wanted to go lol. I will be a nervous but im going to take it all in. You should go ! We could hold hands lol lol x


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